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17 Sep 2023
1:51 pm

Player profile of: Jakub Tomczyk

Rating history

ListGrade(s)EloTotalGamesWins (%)
2023-09-115 Kyu1120162  
2023-075 Kyu1120162  
2023-015 Kyu1120162  
2022-075 Kyu112016270 (0%)
2022-015 Kyu1183155235 (21%)
2021-075 Kyu119713252 (40%)
2021-015 Kyu1217127102 (20%)
2020-075 Kyu1250117153 (20%)
2020-015 Kyu12461023816 (42%)
2019-076 Kyu1143643112 (38%)
2019-0110 Kyu87533309 (30%)
15949 (30%)


Tournament history

EventDateElo+/-RankGamesPromoted to
Rated games in Warsaw2022-06-261159-3963 
Rated games in Warsaw2022-01-231183-2444 
12th Cracovia Shogi, Krakow2021-12-27 - 2021-12-291177+688 
Rated games in Warsaw2021-11-201192-1555 
9th Polish Open Shogi Championship, Warszawa2021-10-23 - 2021-10-241195-3136 
10th YMCA Krakow Cup, Krakow2021-08-071197-694 
Rated games in Warsaw2021-06-271217-2045 
Rated games in Warsaw2020-10-041250-33510 
Rated games in Warsaw2020-02-231222+2848 
Rated games in Warsaw2020-01-251246-2477 
11th Cracovia Shogi, Krakow2019-12-27 - 2019-12-291268-22368 
Rated games in Warsaw2019-12-211254+1458 
7th Open Warsaw Championship, Warszawa2019-12-07 - 2019-12-081208+46985 Kyu
Rated games in Warsaw2019-11-301228-2054 
Rated games in Warsaw29-11-091216+1223 
Rated games in Warsaw2019-09-281143+7317 
Mistrzostwa Polski Juniorów w Shogi – Open, Warszawa2019-06-011169-26656 Kyu
Rated games in Warsaw2019-03-311099+70197 Kyu
Rated games in Warsaw2019-02-241022+77678 Kyu
Rated games in Warsaw2019-01-26875+1473109 Kyu
Rated games in Warsaw2018-12-22844+3174 
6th Open Warsaw Championship "B", Warszawa2018-12-01865-2196 
Rated games in Warsaw, Warszawa2018-11-24839+267410 Kyu
Rated games in Warsaw2018-10-28811+285511 Kyu
7th Open Krakow Championship, Krakow2018-10-27691+1208512 Kyu
Rated games in Warsaw2018-09-29691* 36