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29 May 2022
9:01 pm

Player profile of: Uladzislau Zakrzheuski

Rating history

ListGrade(s)EloTotalGamesWins (%)
2022-08-144 Dan229810461714 (82%)
2022-074 Dan228510292119 (90%)
2022-014 Dan229110083937 (94%)
2021-074 Dan2270969107 (70%)
2021-014 Dan22899591512 (80%)
2020-074 Dan22879442724 (88%)
2020-014 Dan22789176960 (86%)
2019-074 Dan22458483934 (87%)
2019-014 Dan22328093830 (78%)
2018-074 Dan21677751614 (87%)
2018-014 Dan21777592523 (92%)
2017-074 Dan21497345852 (89%)
2017-013 Dan21326767465 (87%)
2016-073 Dan20786028575 (88%)
2016-013 Dan20155176554 (83%)
2015-073 Dan20214524036 (90%)
2015-012 Dan19434124636 (78%)
2014-072 Dan19643665948 (81%)
2014-012 Dan19203076050 (83%)
2013-071 Dan18062477054 (77%)
2013-011 Kyu16591774130 (73%)
2012-071 Kyu16401364834 (70%)
2012-012 Kyu1544882518 (72%)
2011-074 Kyu1400634026 (65%)
2011-018 Kyu1038232315 (65%)
1050867 (82%)


Tournament history

EventDateElo+/-RankGamesPromoted to
ESC/WOSC 2022, Ludwigshafen2022-07-29 - 2022-07-312274+2429 
ESC/WOSC Ludwigshafen - Team Tournament2022-07-282289-1534 
Shogi Tana Taikai 2022, Wroclaw2022-07-092285+414 
18^ Campionato Italiano Shogi, Milano2022-05-14 - 2022-05-152282+316 
Hanami in Wroclaw2022-04-242294-1225 
Hanimatsuri Shogi Tournament 20222022-03-052292+216 
Rated games in Warsaw2022-01-232291+114 
12th Cracovia Shogi, Krakow2021-12-27 - 2021-12-292287+418 
Rated games in Warsaw2021-11-202278+914 
9th Polish Open Shogi Championship, Warszawa2021-10-23 - 2021-10-242272+617 
7th Wroclaw Shogi Open 20212021-09-112267+515 
Open German Championship 2021, Berlin, Germany2021-09-18 - 2021-09-192276-926 
Rated games in Warsaw2021-08-292273+315 
10th YMCA Krakow Cup, Krakow2021-08-072270+324 
Rated games in Warsaw2021-06-272278-835 
Hinamatsuri Tournament 20212021-03-062289-1125 
Rated games in Warsaw2020-10-042275+14110 
Turniej Siódemek - Shogi Tournament Wroclaw2020-07-052287-1225 
7th Brussels Winter Open2020-02-29 - 2020-03-012298-1126 
Rated games in Warsaw2020-02-232282+16111 
9th YMCA Krakow Cup, Krakow2020-02-222295-1325 
Rated games in Warsaw2020-01-252278+1725 
11th Cracovia Shogi, Krakow2019-12-27 - 2019-12-292287-929 
Rated games in Warsaw2019-12-212282+517 
7th Open Warsaw Championship, Warszawa2019-12-07 - 2019-12-082279+319 
Rated games in Warsaw2019-11-302275+432 
8th Open Krakow Championship, Krakow2019-11-232273+215 
Polish Independence Day Shogi Tournament in Wroclaw29-11-112270+315 
Rated games in Warsaw29-11-092265+532 
Rated games in the Ginkammuri Shogi Dojo, Minsk2019-10-202255+1013 
2nd Minsk Silver League: Tournament 102019-10-132258-316 
Rated games in the Ginkammuri Shogi Dojo, Minsk2019-10-062254+414 
Rated games in Warsaw2019-09-282242+1234 
ESC/WOSC Bratislava 20192019-08-16 - 2019-08-182249-779 
Team Tournament ESC/WOSC Bratislava2019-08-152245+494 
Mistrzostwa Polski Juniorów w Shogi – Open, Warszawa2019-06-012244+114 
8th Polish Open Shogi Championship, Krakow2019-05-192252-827 
1st Japanese Ambassador's Cup: Group 1, Minsk2019-05-052278-2655 
Rated games in Warsaw2019-03-312266+1224 
4th Shogi Nami Cup, Wroclaw2019-032263+315 
Rated games in Warsaw2019-02-242241+2224 
Wroclaw Shogi League Spring 2019 inaugural tournament, Wroclaw2019-02-022239+215 
Rated games in Warsaw2019-01-262232+725 
10th Cracovia Shogi, Krakow2018-12-27 - 2018-12-292203+2929 
6th Open Warsaw Championship, Warszawa2018-12-012200+315 
Rated games in Warsaw, Warszawa2018-11-242181+1934 
Rated games in Warsaw2018-10-282174+787 
ESC/WOSC 2018, Berlin2018-07-27 - 2018-07-292176-269 
WOSC Team Tournament 2018, Berlin2018-07-262167+934 
Rated games in the Ginkammuri Shogi Dojo, Minsk2018-07-012174-724 
7th Polish Open Shogi Championship, Wroclaw2018-04-28 - 2018-04-292180-627 
7th YMCA Krakow Cup, Krakow2018-04-142177+315 
IX Cracovia Shogi, Krakow2017-12-27 - 2017-12-292169+829 
Staromiejski turniej, Warsaw2017-12-032168+181 
5th Open Warsaw Championship, Warszawa2017-12-022163+515 
4th Open Wroclaw Championship, Wroclaw2017-09-09 - 2017-09-102149+14110 
European Youth Shogi Championship 2017 Open Side Tournament, Wroclaw2017-07-22 - 2017-07-232146+318 
Wroclaw Shogi League 2017-6, Wroclaw2017-06-172140+615 
6th Open Krakow Championship2017-06-102139+116 
Drugi Turniej Shogi o Puchar ZSAPW, Wroclaw2017-05-282132+715 
6th Polish Open Championship, Warszawa2017-04-22 - 2017-04-232134-227 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2017-04-152121+1313 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2017-04-142153-3253 
2nd Shogi Nami Cup, Wroclaw2017-04-092166-1334 
5th Brussels Winter Open2017-03-25 - 2017-03-262176-1016 
Wroclaw Shogi League 2-2017, Wroclaw2017-02-042166+1015 
Tournament for beginners, Wroclaw2017-01-292132+34564 Dan
VIII Cracovia Shogi, Krakow2016-12-27 - 2016-12-292145-1359 
Minsk Shogi Cup 2016, main tournament2016-12-17 - 2016-12-182113+3216 
Wroclaw Shogi League 3-20162016-12-112108+515 
Mikolajkowe Sjogi w Ulu, Krakow2016-12-032110-216 
4th Open Warsaw Championship, Warszawa2016-11-20 - 2016-11-212114-429 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2016-10-312105+913 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2016-10-292114-964 
Ginko Open, Frankfurt2016-10-22 - 2016-10-232116-247 
One-day tournament in Warsaw2016-10-082100+1616 
3rd Open Wroclaw Championship, Wroclaw2016-09-24 - 2016-09-252087+1319 
Belarusian Open Shogi Premier League 20162016-09-10 - 2016-09-112085+254 
One-day shogi tournament in Warsaw2016-08-042084+113 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2016-07-12 - 2016-07-152078+623 
Odessa Shogi Open - 20162016-06-25 - 2016-06-282069+984 
Pierwszy Turniej Shogi o Puchar ZSAPW, Wroclaw2016-06-192082-1335 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2016-06-09 - 2016-06-112090-8301 
Czech Shogi Open 20162016-05-28 - 2016-05-292072+1818 
Tournament in SOTO for beginners2016-05-142064+834 
5th Open Polish Shogi Championship2016-04-30 - 2016-05-012039+2517 
XIII Campionato Italiano Open Shogi, Milano2016-04-23 - 2016-04-242051-1216 
1st NAMI Cup, Wroclaw2016-04-162063-1235 
Belarusian Shogi Championship 2016, final2016-03-26 - 2016-04-032043+20310 
III Soto Cup Warsaw2016-03-122034+915 
1st Open Rybnik Championship, Rybnik2016-03-052029+515 
5th YMCA Krakow Cup, Krakow2016-02-272042-1325 
4th Brussels Winter Open2016-02-06 - 2016-02-072043-126 
Shogi w Ulu, Krakow2016-01-282041+224 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2016-01-232027+1414 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2016-01-052032-523 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2016-01-042015+1713 
VII Cracovia Shogi, Krakow2015-12-27 - 2015-12-292024-939 
Mori-Ogai-Turnier, Berlin2015-12-052053-2955 
II Soto Cup Warsaw2015-11-212062-915 
Independence Day Tournament, Wroclaw2015-11-112052+1015 
4th Open Krakow Championship, Krakow2015-10-172046+615 
2nd Open Wroclaw Championship, Wroclaw2015-09-272060-1455 
ESC/WOSC 2015, Prague, Czech Republic2015-08-21 - 2015-08-232050+1059 
5th Russian Cup in Suzdal2015-08-14 - 2015-08-162042+819 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2015-08-01 - 2015-08-022024+1816 
Minsk Shogi Open 20152015-07-18 - 2015-07-192021+337 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2015-06-22 - 2015-06-251999+2226 
4th Polish Open Championship, Wroclaw2015-06-06 - 2015-06-071993+627 
4th YMCA Krakow Cup, Krakow2015-03-212008-1535 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2015-02-071985+23143 Dan
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2015-01-251979+632 
3rd Open Warsaw Championship, Warszawa2015-01-181983-415 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2015-01-081965+1814 
10th Christmas Shogi Tournament - Yury Shpilev Memorial, St.Petersburg2015-01-03 - 2015-01-051943+2227 
VI Cracovia Shogi, Krakow2014-12-27 - 2014-12-291928+1539 
Minsk Shogi Cup 20142014-12-13 - 2014-12-141937-976 
Polish National Independence Day Tournament, Wroclaw2014-11-201950-1314 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-11-011952-243 
2nd Open Warsaw Championship, Warszawa2014-10-18 - 2014-10-191960-827 
Belarusian Premier League 20142014-09-20 - 2014-09-211956+475 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-09-071970-1453 
4th Russian Cup, Suzdal2014-08-15 - 2014-08-171964+629 
Rated games in the Minsk shoji club2014-06-24 - 2014-06-271990-2647 
Rated games in the Minsk shoji club2014-06-211978+1213 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-06-071991-1343 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-05-031990+123 
Belarusian Shogi Championship 2014, final round2014-04-26, 2014-04-27 and 2014-04-301994-4210 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-04-191988+613 
Minsk Shogi Open 20142014-04-12 - 2014-04-131966+2247 
Belarusian Shogi Championship 2014, 3rd preliminary round2014-03-29 - 2014-03-301943+2316 
Belarusian Under-18 Shogi Championship 20142014-02-15 - 2014-02-221942+163 
Moscow Open 20142014-02-08 - 2014-02-091931+1117 
Rated games at the school no.223, Minsk2014-02-011923+813 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2014-01-181920+324 
V Cracovia Shogi, Krakow2013-12-27 - 2013-12-291908+1229 
Minsk Shogi Cup 20132013-12-07 - 2013-12-081891+1716 
Belarusian Premier League 20132013-11-23 - 2013-11-241884+726 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-11-161877+713 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-10-261869+814 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-10-051860+913 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-09-281851+9132 Dan
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-09-141836+1513 
Rivne Shogi Open2013-08-24 - 2013-08-251811+2526 
ESC/WOSC 2013, Minsk, Belarus2013-07-19 - 2013-07-211798+1379 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-07-131811-1344 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-07-061806+524 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-06-151796+1014 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-06-081777+1925 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-05-261796-1924 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-05-191794+233 
7th Russia Shogi Championship, Moscow2013-05-121758+3627 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-04-271744+1423 
Belarusian Shogi Championship 2013, final round2013-04-13, 2013-04-14 and 2013-04-201715+292101 Dan
Belarusian Shogi Championship 2013, 2nd preliminary round2013-03-16 - 2013-03-171700+1526 
Belarusian Under-18 Shogi Championship2013-03-02 - 2013-03-031673+2716 
Moscow Shogi Open2013-02-09 - 2013-02-101685-1287 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-02-021671+1424 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-01-191677-654 
Shpilev Yury Memorial. 8th Christmas Shogi Tournament, Saint-Petersburg2013-01-05 - 2013-01-061659+1847 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-12-221655+424 
Minsk Shogi Cup2012-12-08 - 2012-12-091651+4115 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-11-171640+1123 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-11-031622+1823 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-11-01 - 2012-11-021647-2535 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-10-201632+1523 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-10-141630+233 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-09-221654-2473 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-09-081684-3064 
EC/WOSC 2012, Krakow/Poland2012-07-13 - 2012-07-151640+44238 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-06-241603+37261 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-05-301584+1914 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-05-261593-974 
Minsk Shogi Open 20122012-04-29 - 2012-05-011615-2289 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-04-211613+2101 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-04-071559+5414 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-03-241555+4121 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-03-171533+2214 
Belarus Championship 2012, preliminary round2012-02-18 - 2012-02-191569-36126 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-02-041555+1444 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-01-211544+1145 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2011-12-241541+3542 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2011-12-101482+5914 
Minsk Cup 20112011-11-26 - 2011-11-271410+7257 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2011-11-191401+9823 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2011-10-221386+1534 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2011-09-101400-1464 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2011-05-211348+52144 Kyu
Minsk Shogi Open 20112011-05-091171+1771295 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2011-04-161113+5835 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2011-03-281148-35123 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2011-03-201156-874 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2011-03-07 - 2011-03-081080+76177 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2011-03-051061+1943 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2011-02-121038+2355 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2010-12-181043-593 
Minsk Championship 20102010-12-11 - 2010-12-121000+43658 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2010-11-201010-10124 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2010-11-061026-168310 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2010-10-231026* 54 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2010-10-09986* 34