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20 Apr 2024
6:28 pm

Player profile of: Ivan Astapovich

Rating history

ListGrade(s)EloTotalGamesWins (%)
2019-017 Kyu1123172  
2018-077 Kyu1123172  
2018-017 Kyu1123172  
2017-077 Kyu112317295 (55%)
2017-018 Kyu10681632111 (52%)
2016-078 Kyu993142  
2016-018 Kyu99314222 (100%)
2015-078 Kyu947140  
2015-018 Kyu947140  
2014-078 Kyu9471403315 (45%)
2014-018 Kyu9461074822 (45%)
2013-0710 Kyu856594016 (40%)
2013-0116 Kyu47419193 (15%)
17274 (43%)


Tournament history

EventDateElo+/-RankGamesPromoted to
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2017-04-011086+37153 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2017-02-251069+171837 Kyu
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2017-01-141068+1273 
Minsk Shogi Cup 2016, junior tournament (under 12)2016-12-17 - 2016-12-181016+52238 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2016-12-101022-6293 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2016-10-291041-19383 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2016-10-221042-1283 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2016-10-151049-7351 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2016-10-08993+56253 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2015-10-10947+46222 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club, Minsk2014-05-31889+58103 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-05-24919-30193 
Cup of Young Generals, Minsk2014-05-09 - 2014-05-10901+18197 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-04-19916-15164 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-04-12917-163 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-03-29927-10131 
Belarusian Shogi Championship 2014, 2nd preliminary round, Minsk2014-03-15950-23356 
Belarusian Under-10 Shogi Championship2014-01-18 - 2014-01-25946+4106 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-12-21929+1794 
Minsk Shogi Cup 20132013-12-07 - 2013-12-08887+42307 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-11-30868+1954 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-11-16912-44204 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-11-09947-35244 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-10-261002-55174 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-10-121023-21154 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-09-28966+57138 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-09-14962+494 
ESC/WOSC 2013, Minsk, Belarus2013-07-19 - 2013-07-21838+1247589 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-07-06856-1862 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-06-08848+8202 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-05-26818+3021410 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-05-18790+284411 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-04-21706+8473 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-04-20709-3144 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-04-07661+4817412 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-04-06623+38164 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-03-24579+4415313 Kyu
Belarusian Shogi Championship 2013, 1st preliminary round2013-03-09 - 2013-03-10547+32203 
Belarusian Under-10 Shogi Championship2013-02-16 - 2013-02-17562-15133 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-02-10538+2423314 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-01-27474+6410315 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-12-23490-16144 
Minsk Shogi Cup2012-12-08 - 2012-12-09495-5565 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-11-25515-208316 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-10-28515* 144 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-10-14690* 183