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01 May 2024
8:32 pm

Player profile of: Konstantin Platonov

Rating history

ListGrade(s)EloTotalGamesWins (%)
2024-04-216 Kyu11322482611 (42%)
2024-016 Kyu11802222917 (58%)
2023-076 Kyu11261933720 (54%)
2023-016 Kyu11571564229 (69%)
2022-076 Kyu11281148852 (59%)
2022-0113 Kyu647262610 (38%)
248139 (56%)


Tournament history

EventDateElo+/-RankGamesPromoted to
VIII Sergiev Posad Open, Sergiev Posad2024-03-301159-27105 
VII Sergiev Posad Open, Sergiev Posad2024-02-171164-5105 
Lariks-2024, Moscow2024-02-031173-9105 
99th Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2024-01-281173+034 
XII Cup of Moscow-2024, Moscow2024-01-13 - 2024-01-141180-797 
I Asian Chess Biathlon (shogi), Moscow2023-12-241183-363 
December Open - 2023, Moscow2023-12-101169+1465 
98th Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2023-11-261164+523 
97th Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2023-11-101135+2924 
XII Children's Open Shogi Championship (U14), Moscow2023-11-051131+435 
95th Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2023-10-271123+824 
Octoder Open - 2023, Moscow2023-10-151126-395 
The battle of the dragons, Moscow2023-06-101125+155 
93rd Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2023-04-171124+123 
March Open, Moscow2023-03-191161-3785 
91st Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2023-03-121157+453 
Moscow Shogi Open Side tournament February blizzard, Moscow2023-02-251153+445 
Moscow Shogi Open Qualifying tournament, Moscow2023-02-241161-8115 
90th Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2023-02-191160+133 
87th Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2023-02-061161-122 
Lariks-2023, Moscow2023-01-28 - 2023-01-291157+426 
December Open, Tournament - A2, Moscow2022-12-041176-1994 
December Open - 2022, Tournament B1, Moscow2022-12-031191-1534 
84th Vadkovskiy tournament, Moscow2022-11-271217-2652 
XI Children's Open Shogi Championship (U10), Moscow2022-11-05 - 2022-11-061204+1316 
82nd Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2022-10-301231-2764 
81st Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2022-10-281218+1313 
80th Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2022-10-241223-524 
October Open B2, Moscow2022-10-161186+3726 
October Open B1, Moscow2022-10-151162+2424 
Cup of Russia-2022 Children's tournament, Moscow2022-09-241128+3415 
The battle of the dragons - Side tournament, Moscow2022-06-121157-2953 
Dragon Princes, Moscow2022-06-10 - 2022-06-111179-22117 
I Sinelnikov Memorial (juniors), Moscow2022-05-221147+32146 Kyu
78th Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2022-05-191123+2414 
TORA Club Tournament, Moscow2022-05-141076+4755 
77th Vadkovskiy tournament, Moscow2022-05-131091-1553 
Aprelskiy Drakon, Moscow2022-04-301052+3974 
TORA Club Tournament - B, Moscow2022-04-161061-9347 Kyu
Moscow Shogi Championship 2022, Moscow2022-04-02 - 2022-04-031080-19243 
Moscow Shogi Championship 2022 (junior), Moscow,2022-04-021043+3735 
75th Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2022-03-311020+2313 
TORA Club Tournament, Moscow2022-03-121009+11135 
Moscow Shogi Open - 2022 - B, Moscow2022-02-23963+46258 Kyu
73rd Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2022-02-13966-371 
72nd Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2022-02-12960+653 
71st Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2022-02-10932+2813 
70th Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2022-02-07900+32139 Kyu
69th Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2022-02-03909-932 
Lariks-2022, Moscow2022-01-29 - 2022-01-30863+46124 
67th Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2022-01-21848+152310 Kyu
Moscow shogi cup 20222022-01-04 - 2022-01-05735+11311511 Kyu
Vadkovsky-45, Moscow, Moscow2021-12-26670+6510512 Kyu
65th Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2021-12-20647+2324 
X Children's Open Shogi Championship (U10), Moscow2021-12-11 - 2021-12-12547+1004713 Kyu
64th Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow,2021-11-29564-1733 
63rd Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2021-11-28562+253 
Tournament in the club Terra, Moscow2021-11-27540+2213215 Kyu
62nd Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2021-11-12311+2293416 Kyu
61st Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2021-10-24311* 43 
59th Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2021-10-171* 62 
57th Vadkovsky tournament, Moscow2021-10-101* 62