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17 Feb 2024
11:23 am

Player profile of: Oleg Zharikov

Rating history

ListGrade(s)EloTotalGamesWins (%)
2024-02-044 Kyu1174360  
2024-014 Kyu117436073 (42%)
2023-014 Kyu1179353  
2022-074 Kyu1179353  
2022-014 Kyu1179353  
2021-014 Kyu1179353  
2020-074 Kyu1179353  
2020-014 Kyu1179353  
2019-074 Kyu117935361 (16%)
2019-014 Kyu1205347135 (38%)
2018-074 Kyu124233492 (22%)
2018-014 Kyu1312325167 (43%)
2017-074 Kyu122930972 (28%)
2017-014 Kyu1263302166 (37%)
2016-074 Kyu13032862512 (48%)
2016-015 Kyu13212611810 (55%)
2015-076 Kyu1196243138 (61%)
2015-017 Kyu11732302713 (48%)
2014-077 Kyu1077203198 (42%)
2014-017 Kyu10651843617 (47%)
2013-078 Kyu10971484922 (44%)
2013-019 Kyu971993510 (28%)
2012-079 Kyu915644113 (31%)
2012-019 Kyu936232310 (43%)
360149 (41%)


Tournament history

EventDateElo+/-RankGamesPromoted to
Family team tournament in the Ginkammuri Shogi Dojo, Minsk2023-12-031126+4884 
Rated games in the Ginkammuri Shogi Dojo, Minsk2023-11-121179-53183 
Belarusian Championship 2019: 3rd Preliminary Tournament2019-02-16 - 2019-02-171205-26326 
Minsk Shogi Cup 20182018-12-08 - 2018-12-091223-18686 
Minsk Shogi Open 20182018-08-04 - 2018-08-051242-19277 
Belarusian Shogi Championship 2018: 2nd Preliminary Tournament2018-02-24 - 2018-02-251320-78365 
Rated games in the Ginkammuri Shogi Dojo, Minsk2018-02-111312+844 
Minsk Shogi Cup 20172017-12-09 - 2017-12-101240+72177 
ESC/WOSC, Kiev2017-08-04 - 2017-08-061229+11509 
Minsk Shogi Open 20172017-07-01 - 2017-07-021263-34297 
Minsk Shogi Cup 2016, main tournament2016-12-17 - 2016-12-181297-34307 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2016-11-261331-34253 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2016-10-081320+11123 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2016-09-101303+1763 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2016-05-211296+7223 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2016-04-161311-15103 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2016-04-021302+982 
Belarusian Shogi Championship, 2nd preliminary round2016-03-05 - 2016-03-061319-17166 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2016-02-261330-1183 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2016-02-201320+10344 Kyu
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2016-02-141321-154 
Minsk Shogi Cup 2015, main tournament2015-12-05 - 2015-12-061269+521575 Kyu
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2015-10-101186+8354 
Minsk Shogi Open 20152015-07-18 - 2015-07-191196-10327 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2015-04-041186+10123 
Belarusian Shogi Championship 2015, 2nd preliminary round2015-02-28 - 2015-03-071173+13176 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2015-02-071173+01046 Kyu
Minsk Shogi Cup 20142014-12-13 - 2014-12-141116+57307 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-11-291101+15173 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-11-221095+6133 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-11-151117-22274 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-11-081097+20123 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-11-011083+14214 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-09-071077+6193 
Minsk Shogi Open 20142014-04-12 - 2014-04-131073+4307 
Rated games in the Minsk shogi club2014-03-151092-19103 
Belarusian Shogi Championship 2014, 2nd preliminary round, Minsk2014-03-151062+30116 
Rated games at the school no.223, Minsk2014-02-011065-3143 
Minsk Shogi Cup 20132013-12-07 - 2013-12-081075-10257 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-11-021090-15113 
One day tournament in Gaina2013-10-271102-1273 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-10-191074+2883 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-10-121076-274 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-09-281097-21153 
ESC/WOSC 2013, Minsk, Belarus2013-07-19 - 2013-07-211102-5669 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-07-061097+5247 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-05-261015+82164 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-05-191065-50224 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-04-271009+56103 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-04-201019-1094 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-04-071023-4144 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-03-301053-30144 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-03-241061-893 
Belarusian Shogi Championship 2013, 2nd preliminary round2013-03-16 - 2013-03-171032+29176 
Belarusian Shogi Championship 2013, 1st preliminary round2013-03-09 - 2013-03-101014+1836 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-02-10983+3193 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-01-191004-212048 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2013-01-13971+3334 
Minsk Shogi Cup2012-12-08 - 2012-12-09890+81277 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-11-24855+3543 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-11-17855+0183 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-11-03858-3173 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-10-20880-22193 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-10-13860+2093 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-09-22857+3163 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-09-08871-14184 
3nd Shogi Cup of Consul General of Japan, St-Petersburg2012-06-30 - 2012-07-01915-44266 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-05-26912+3214 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-05-12922-10163 
Minsk Shogi Open 20122012-04-29 - 2012-05-01994-72339 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-04-21991+3164 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-04-07953+38113 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-03-24956-3134 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-03-17897+5994 
Belarus Championship 2012, preliminary round2012-02-18 - 2012-02-19895+2246 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2012-01-21936-41224 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2011-12-24926+102049 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2011-12-03916+109310 Kyu
Minsk Cup 20112011-11-26 - 2011-11-27959-43376 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2011-11-19950+914211 Kyu
Minsk shogi club's tournament2011-11-05950* 94 
Minsk shogi club's tournament2011-10-22848* 134